Abominable Putridity - In The End Of Human Existence CD 2007

Abominable Putridity - In The End Of Human Existence
Lacerated Enemy Records CD 2007

01 Intracranial Parasite 03:10    
02 Entrails Full of Vermin 02:45    
03 Blindfold Surgery 02:51    
04 Skin Removal 02:50    
05 Dissected from Within 00:55    
06 Throat Fisting Abortion 03:41    
07 Intestinal Putrefaction 02:33    
08 Victims Stuffed with Nails 02:45    
09 Sphacelated Nerves 02:51    
10 In the End of Human Existence 01:40

Andrew - Bass
Alex - Drums, Vocals
Sergey - Guitars
Vladimir - Vocals
Serg - Guitars

Ini Dia mungkin Album Fantastis yang paling disebut2 sebagai LEDAKAN AWAL Slamming Brutal Death Metal Russia Scene mulai berkembang Pesat hingga Hari ini. sebuah album yang menampilkan sound dan Style yang lebih sadis pengembangan konsep dari Devourment era " Molesting .. " dengan " Cranial Impalement " nya Disgorge menjadi lebih menjadi susunan Konsep Slam Brutality berdarah darah yang meracun generasi selanjutnya di Scene Russia sana hingga Kancah Internasional. Suffice to say, there's very little chance I'll be breaking into this market any time soon, because these Russians seem to have a knack for knuckle sandwich metal that affirms the buzz surrounding them. My only hope is that internal squabbling or poor sales might tear them apart, that I might later sweep in like a vulture of brocore fitness and stake my claim on this emergent trend in entertainment... Nyali Album full pertama band asal Moscow yang eksis sejak Tahun 2003 ini mulai meledak sejak Demo Promo pertama ditahun 2006 dimana Abominable Putridity untuk kali pertama mengenalkan karakter Sound Downtune sadis mereka menjadi lebih berdarah darah lagi ! Abominable Putridity, at least on this debut, provides a definitive blueprint for brutal slam death techniques, albeit a generic one that's about as interesting as arranging vocabulary blocks in kindergarten. Though the production levels are nothing to scoff at, and the musicianship is about as taut as you'd expect, there are simply no ideas here which haven't been lifted off about 15 years worth of brutal death breakdowns, and then rendered down to the simple principle of palm muted belligerence entirely devoid of melody or truly interesting chord progressions. Bagaimana Guttural Gurgling Vokalis Vladimir yang terpengaruh berat dengan karakter seorang Matti Way ( Cinerary, Hydrocephalic, Obscured Secretions, Pathology, ex-Infantiphagia, ex-Liturgy, Funeral Rust, ex-Disgorge, ex-To Violently Vomit ) menjadi sosok penting Perkembangan Vokal Guttural hingga dirinya sendiri akhirnya memilih bergabung dengan band saat ini. materinya sendiri dikerjakan di Moscow Sound Studio sepanjang musim panas tahun 2006 adalah debut pertamanya Vladimir sejak dirinya bergabung tahun 2004, album yang digarap sendiri oleh Drummernya Koubiachvili Alexander adalah mastermind freak band menjadi konsentrasinya mengelola label Brutal Inherited Suffering Records bersama Mantan vokalis Vladimir, alex juga sibuk mengelola Guttural Graphics untuk membuat Logo dan artwork beberapa band brutal terkenal seperti Banishment, Eternal Suffering, Ezophagothomia, Goreality, Fermento, Cadaver Mutilator dan masih banyak lagi. Album full pertama yang aslinya resmi dilepas tahun 2007 ini mengalami sebuah Kendala hingga akhirnya baru rilis tahun 2008 via label Lacerated Enemy Records yang dikelola oleh anak2 Godless Truth. menawarkan 10 komposisi penghancur biji peler selama Durasi setengah jam, Abominable Putridity memang bener2 memukau dengan penampilan mega dasyat-nya. There is next to nothing in terms of atmospheric flourish, and I can only imagine, for example, just how much a little of that immediate, wondrous industrial resonance of the titular outro track would have improved the central songwriting if it had been induced to several of the bridges. Or what some eerie leads or melodies might have accomplished above the churning, fist-balling flesh of the rhythm guitars. The bass is clearly felt through the recording, but it never does anything besides cling to the guitar patterns...even a few fifths or individualistic runs could have dramatically upped the ante. Drums are mixed with an almost mechanical din to them, but otherwise they offer the proper balance of muscular double-bass rolls and grooves, and heavily favor the kicks and toms to the weaker cymbal strikes. The vocals are an ominous frog guttural which, to its credit, never go so far over the top that they reduce the material to silliness; in fact, they fit the notation like a cock to a condom, but despite their broad and clamorous depth, their bouncing, often hip hopping syllabic are decidely monotonous beyond just a few lines. masih begitu menawan disini adalah karakter Downtune Riffing fantastis yang begitu Heavy as fuck seperti sedang mencekam pada elemen atmosfir sound-nya. ditambah dengan dominasi Guttural Gurgling vokal, fantastis memang ini menjadi album Brutal Slamming Death Metal Fantastis berpengaruh bagi perkembangannya. meskipun saat ini konsep Abominable Putridity mengalami pergeseran yang signifikan, eksistensi Abominable Putridity masih tetap diperhitungkan sebagai sosok penting Slammers Internasional. Sukses album ini membuat Brutal Band Label merilis ulang album ini tahun 2009 dengan Artwork kover berbeda karya Jonzig karena permintaan Fans yang masih terus berjalan. These chugging slamming death metal songs lurch and shift, fluidly, but inscrutably, with what seems like little regard for entertainment or the rock foundation of metal. But this is clearly the design of its authors, not a flaw. There is so much muted chugging and rhythmic shifting that whenever a slightly catchy riff or a sustained chord appears, it feels like a luxurious anomaly compared to its bleak, relentless surroundings. A lot of these tunes yield one really memorable hook, such as those heard in the concluding portions of album highlights. ALBUM WAJIB TOTAL SLAMMERS BANGET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


semua tulisan disini adalah Hak Milik LOSTINCHAOS Mediazine yang FREE TO SHARE, semua buah pikir dan Pendeskripsian style musik band dalam setiap tulisan hanya sebagai penggambaran penulis sendiri dan BUKAN untuk menyamakan apalagi membanding-bandingkan ! (mohon jangan dibolak balik lagi). cukup hanya dengan mencantum-kan Source Review link-nya. tulisan disini dibuat dengan jujur tanpa tendensi atau kepentingan apapun, jika Gw bilang bagus ya bagus begitu juga sebalik-nya, karena Gw semaksimal mungkin menyajikan argumen obyektif serta fair review tentang sebuah produk yang masuk dimeja redaksi, saran, kritik dan caci maki, silahkan tinggalkan komentar dibawah ini, Keep Metal Flame till' die !

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